The result of a dream shared by its authors and more than a hundred architectural firms in the world, Twinmotion is a visualization and 3D immersion software dedicated to architecture, urban planning and landscaping.


Its extraordinary responsiveness allows integration of the project into a dynamic ecosystem and new fields of experimentation and assistance in designing, sharing and communicating any project. In addition, in a few seconds, you can export images and videos of remarkable quality; several hours are needed with conventional software. If you are equipped with a 3D screen, enjoy a stunning 3D realistic experience by dipping into your project in stereo.

Twinmotion-youtubeIts ability to import 3D models from all contemporary modelers and the originality of its technical and visual performance puts Twinmotion at the forefront of future generations of 3D simulators.

With Twinmotion everything is easy.  Everything is instantaneous in the 3D environment you choose, regardless of the type of project. Twinmotion is the perfect interactive tool to explore and share the environment, the atmosphere, the spaces of the site ... to plan and decide, persuade and pre-sell, but also to make strategic choices upstream for the effective implementation of your project.

Controlling in real time the effects of wind, rain or clouds, Twinmotion allows very easy modeling of sites and 3D surfaces, and adding trees and plants, as well as the flow of vehicles or characters.

Everything is possible far beyond what you could imagine: sculpt a surface, change materials from your Twinmotion library, modify sunshine by date and geographic coordinates, add a character or a crowd, integrate a car or several lanes of vehicles on a road, draw their route and choose their displacement in the project, add waves to the ocean, create a town square or a forest, modify the foliage of one tree or many, transform raindrops into snowflakes, view your project from all angles while walking, driving, even flying...


GejianArchitects-EngineersGetting Started

Twinmotion is very easy to learn. You manipulate your model directly in 3D, as in a game. Choose how to move, the speed and mode: walking, driving, flying or a step-by-step immersive “walkthrough”.

The interface with chronological tabs continuously guides you. The logic behind Twinmotion allows
you to progress step-by-step in the construction of the scene. From the perspective to orthographic views, you can observe your project from any angle. For even more precision, access the Object manager and its advanced features to customize your workspace.


With this first tab, Twinmotion imports many model types directly (FBX, DWG, DAE, SKP, C4D, LI3).
You can also merge multiple Twinmotion projects or other formats in a single scene. Imported files can be updated at any time, while keeping your modifications and materials. To improve your projects, you can import images (DDS, PNG, PSD, JPG, TGA) and videos (MP4, AVI, OGV, WMV, FLV, MOV, DIVX, MPG, MPEG).


The environment of your project is completely customizable through an intuitive slider system. The sky, the type of clouds, fog, particles (rain, snow), wind and its impact on vegetation – each choice is visible in real time in the preview window. You can also easily “flood” a surface to create and manage an ocean color, reflections, and size and type of waves. The sun works on the same principle by adjusting the date, geographic coordinates and orientation that you assign to the site, or according to your power settings, the brightness, shadows and lens deviations.



Twinmotion offers a wide choice of materials that can adapt to the time of day or night. Adjust their UV scale, opacity, and their halo effects, illumination or brightness (three types of reflection are possible).

The “bump mapping” allows you to apply relief effects for added realism.

Light To illuminate a scene, a wide range of customizable light sources, classic (spot, level, multi-directional) and IES with the ability to import your own IES files.


More than 500 objects organized by category are available to dress your models.



Choose your landscape and terrain (desert, mountains) and trim the surface with functions to push / pull the ground in different sizes and shapes. The “Painting” tool allows you to paint textures of rocks, sand or earth to enhance your landscapes.


Use the “Brush” tool to create a forest on a defined area, choosing and adjusting tree species, their sizes and densities. All vegetation is animated – 3D trees and blades of grass react to the wind and adapt to the seasons. Various rocks and 3D models of green walls are also available.

Twinmotion interface2Circulation

Define the path of your characters and vehicles with just a few clicks. On the Bezier curve you draw, you can choose different types of animated characters (professional, casual, mixed ...) and their accessories, or adjust the number of traffic lanes, their density and the speed of the cars. The various vehicle models are also customizable (high beam, passengers, color).

Visual effects

Set your camera settings by choosing a focal, vignetting and possibly lens deviations. Change the color of your scene with 29 types of colors.
You can also transform your scene by using a filter-like “white model”, “Black & White” or “Sketch”, etc.

Camera & Clip

In order to choose the scene of your image, or frames that make up your animation, use the intuitive camera editor. Display the project construction phases, customize your clip through the environment, visual effects or lens parameters, ratios and resolutions.


Export your content in an optimal resolution in record time. Video outputs are in MP4 and WMV
(H.264) in stereo 3D video ; images are in PNG format.

Architect, urban planner, space planner, interior designer, developer, landscaper, owner...

From cultural heritage to geography, from urban planning to archeology, from cost-benefit analyses to marketing and sales -- all the stakeholders in the architecture, construction and planning world now have access to a tool that could only be imagined a few years ago.

To communicate an entire project down to the details of all types of projects, including large-scale infrastructure projects (airports, stations, shopping centers ...); to explain the phasing of your project, its impact and its integration into the environment, an interactive presentation from Twinmotion is a key asset. It’s also an excellent tool for training teams and outreach tocustomers.

Twinmotion allows you to create, manage, and display all types of spaces, from the smallest to the largest.

With dedicated tools to carve or paint a landscape, graphical tools to randomly add vegetation to large areas, or path creation tools for characters and vehicles, Twinmotion is the essential tool for all those who wish to represent their urban or landscaping project in a realistic and living environment. All models are animated, trees and 3D grass react to wind, adapt to the seasons, the waves are animated, the crowd is walking...


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